Wednesday, October 9, 2002

131 Indep Cdo Sqn RE (V) - Sports

France 1995 - Army Ski Championships
Serre Chevalier.

131 Indep Sqn entered a team for the first time and gained some outstanding results.
The Team won the 30 km Patrol Race, which is the Blue Ribbon event of the competition.

The team consisted of: an Officer, an NCO and 2 x Sappers.
Ray Palmer, Sean (the destroyer) Oakenfull, Rob Blackwell and Mutley.

Each team member must carry 10 Kilos, plus weapon, ammo and rats.
They must ski the 30 km as a patrol.
Ready for the start.

During the Patrol, there are two visits to the Range, each team member fires a total of 10 rounds (5 prone & 5 standing). A 1 min penalty is added to the teams time, for every shot missed.
The team conceded no penalties and went on to win the over 2 clear minutes.
Visit to the Range.
End of the Race, totally shattered.
This was the start of 131 Sqn domination, for many years to come at the Army Ski Championships.
Written by Ray Palmer.

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