Monday, November 2, 2009

59 Indep Cdo Sqn RE

Condor against 45 Cdo RM.- 3000m Steeple Chase. -- Date?
Condor Troop won the contest.
Bryan Ryder romped home, despite being slightly drunk and wearing old plimsoles and kit, compared to 45 Cdo RM top class running shoes and new kit.

Condor against 45 Cdo Rm - Cricket -- Date?
Condor Troop won contest.
Little did 45 Cdo Rm realise, but Bryan Ryder was brought up in Barnsley - home of Cricket.

Condor against 45 Cdo RM - Sports Day --- Date?
Surrey Sills won the Shot-put and Hammer swing.
Ray Palmer won the 5000m run, wearing DMS boots and denims.

Devizes/Westminster Canoe Race --- Date & Details?
Kevin Collins and Willie Williams won the race.

1st Round Malta Road Race - 41 Cdo RM against 2 Troop --- Date?
The race consisted of two - 3 man teams, running the 56 km race.
2 Troop (Malta) came in 1st & 6th.

Round Great Britain Road Race - Date & Details?
Was this 59 Indep Cdo Sqn against Royal?
10 members running 10 miles a day, with Guest appearances along the way - joining the lads for short distances.
I have a note that 5 Elderly lads ran 25 miles a day, with 1 day off in 4 days.
Full story please.

Mount Everest Disaster

An SAS man has been killed by an Avalanche on Mount Everest.

A 14 man strong team from the Elite Army Regiment, led by John "Brummie" Stokes and Michael Lane, died when tons of snow swept over and flattened their Camp at 20,150ft, up the World's highest peak. Tony Swierzy died instantly, whilst three other climbers were injured - John "Brummie" Stokes broke his neck, Andy Baxter's Collar Bone was broken, whilst Graham Cook is suffering from severe Frost bite.

The avalanche swept the teams tents more than a hundred yards down the mountain side. The Team had attempted to climb the 29,198ft Mountain by the Northern slope from Tibet.

An expert stated " It is a bad climb down from where they were, especially with casualties, it would be a very slow dangerous descent".

1986 Cambrian Patrol Competition

Recce Troop put a team in and won a Gold Medal - only two awarded.

1995 Inter-Troop Cross Country Competition

1 Troop won the competition. This took place before the Squadron left Seaton Barracks in November, to Chivenor.

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